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    Mount Kunlun Geopark is a comprehensive natural park that blends scientific research and popularization with mountain-climbing, sightseeing, and leisure & vacation, teeming with sophisticated scientific connotations, diverse local characteristics, effulgent culture and rich ornamental values. Among others, the earthquake ruins and specific glacial landforms of the Geopark, together with appealing plateau scenery and valuable plateau eco-system as well as Kunlun mythologies and Taoism cultural sites, which are mysterious and have a long historical standing, make it enjoy high reputation all over the world.

    Experiencing Mount Kunlun
    Kunlun Lion (Pictogr...
    Practicing Taoism at...
    Nanshankou Cirque
    Nanshankou Horns
    Scenic River Reach A...
    Angular Unconformity...
    Angular Fold
    Golden Toad (Pictogr...
    Xiaonanchuan Colorfu...
    Xiaonanchuan Fractur...
    Sicence Popularizing for the Geopark
    National Geopark o...
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    Stone sculptures
    This kind of stone is very much in and around Taishan retained relics, famous are engraved on the no... [more]
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